September is a fantastic month to visit Cyprus. Although September it is one of the hottest months that has average temperatures of 24C (75F), the weather is remarkably pleasant and there are many activities and local events that will keep the most demanding tourist busy throughout the month. Average high temperatures rich 28C (82F) and average low temperatures of 20C (68F). September weather is still extremely hot especially during daytime, but the refreshing sea breezes of the coastal regions during nighttime provide a little relief.

On the mountains, temperatures are cooler with up to 5°C lower than the coastal regions whereas night temperatures averaging 16°C. Again almost no rain in the plains with only 3 mm of precipitation within approximately one day of September. The sea is still quite warm with temperatures averaging around of 27C which makes swimming still a great fun. Cypriots though slowly but steadily desert the beaches as schools start nowadays early in September. In September someone could expect 11 hours of sunshine during the day.

Probably the most popular event in Cyprus during September, the Limassol Wine Festival is held at the Municipal gardens, which were lately renovated especially around the Limassol zoo area which is incorporated within the gardens. The wine festival first opened its door in 1961.