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Heatwave conditions will prevail in Cyprus today Tuesday 17/07/2012 with temperatures reaching 42 degrees. There will be also high humidity levels in the East and South coasts.

Yesterday the first three cases of heat stroke were reported to the Nicosia General Hospital, as the heat wave is affecting Cyprus for the sixth day. The assistant director of the Emergency Department of the Nicosia General Hospital, Savvas Christodoulou said the cases were for an 85-year-old man, a female aged 51 and a 60-year-old man. The woman was carried in a coma state and was placed on the ventilator. The two men were having high fever.

Mr Christodoulou recommended that vulnerable people should be very careful not to get exposed to the sun, to watch their diet and drink plenty of fluids. He also recommended that parents should pay particular attention to young children.

Moreover, because of the high heat levels, it is expected that the demand for electricity, which yesterday reached 985 megawatts, the largest this year will be further increased today. According to the administrator of the Transportation Energy System at 8.30 this morning the demand was 811 megawatts.

The system administrator Christos Christodoulides has stated that the available capacity is around 1,150 megawatts and 165 megawatts is the redundancy.

Heatwave conditions with 42 and 43 degrees Celsius will prevail tomorrow and Thursday, but on Friday it is expected that a slight drop in temperature will occur. However, these will remain to levels above the normal for the season.