Weather in Cyprus in January

January is the coldest of the Cyprus winter months and has diversified temperatures across the various parts of the island. Although for many Europeans and Russian visitors the climate seems mild and comfortable, Cypriots consider January a very cold month that usually hides many surprises such as a lot of snow mainly in the Troodos mountain range.

Weather in Cyprus in February

February as January is a very cold month for us locals. Expecting back the nice and warm summer makes days looking much longer and colder. For the happy tourist though things are moving in the right direction and the many nice and sunny days of February make the day for many holiday makers and businessmen visiting Cyprus alike.

Weather in Cyprus in March

The weather in March begins to look much better and nicer as we move straight ahead into the summer, which starts usually with the first summer tourists arriving at around the end of March early April.

Weather in Cyprus in April

April marks the beginning of the summer season of Cyprus. What a beautiful spring month and what a nice period to visit, just before the busy holiday season starts to peak up. In April Cyprus really enters its summer period, bustling with life and activities throughout the summer season.

Weather in Cyprus in May

May is here. Full of Summer activities and visits to the numerous beaches around the island by locals and visitors alike. This is an exciting time for Water-sports, Scuba diving, Parasailing and Beach Volley.

Weather in Cyprus in June

Great month, great country, great fun - June inaugurates summer. This month provides a warm and sunny period throughout Cyprus. June is a month ideal for enjoying thrilling days on the beach sunbathing and playing.

Weather in Cyprus in July

July is the second hottest month in Cyprus, competing periodically with August. It is a paradise for sun lovers, but not ideal for those who do not like extreme heat or crowded beaches. The temperature in July jumps in Nicosia to 37C-38C and sometimes passes 40C.

Weather in Cyprus in August

August is the month that Cypriots enjoy their own holidays and most of the businesses take a two to three-week breaks. It is probably the hottest month of the summer. Still the same beach laziness and numerous activities from watersports to paragliding and parasailing.

Weather in Cyprus in September

September is a fantastic month to visit Cyprus. Although September it is one of the hottest months that has average temperatures of 24C (75F), the weather is remarkably pleasant and there are many activities and local events that will keep the most demanding tourist busy throughout the month.

Weather in Cyprus in October

October is a favourite month to be in Cyprus for the visitor who prefers a much quieter and relaxing holiday, without sacrificing or loosing on the beautiful weather that this month has to offer. It is a perfect month to avoid the overcrowded beaches, as most of the holidaymakers especially with families with young children have by now returned back to their own homes.

Weather in Cyprus in November

The weather in November as expected is changing as the season moves well into autumn and towards winter. This does not make activities such as swimming and scuba diving impossible. On the contrary, many locals, as well as tourist, still go to the beach as the sea temperature is around 22°C and fills quite warm and comfortable, especially with people from countries situated much northern than Cyprus..

Weather in Cyprus in December

With an average of about 180 hours of sunshine even in December, someone can argue that Cyprus in a paradise on earth. { Considering its weather conditions of course :-) }. December could not be described as having "beach weather" and swimming is not very appealing to most people, but, on the other hand, it is very popular with visitors coming from much colder climates such as the Scandinavian and northern European regions, and with local winter swimmers (sea temperatures averaging about 19C).