Pissouri Weather

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Pissouri Weather

Pissouri is a village located in Limassol, specifically 30km of the Limassol’s center. Pissouri is actually between two cities of Cyprus, Limassol and Paphos. Within the Limassol District, Pissouri has the 3rd largest administrative area. Pissouri is also in the middle of vineyards and farmlands and the environment there is very traditional. There are lots of local shops and quality restaurants especially at the village square, where most families tend to spend their time.

The village also contains an amphitheater at which concerts and performances take place during the summer. Like most places in Cyprus, tourists like visiting Pissouri for its beautiful beach. The beach area at Pissouri has a variety of bars and restaurants, that locals call tavernas, where tourists like to spend their evening enjoying a nice meal with a great view aside.

Pissouri has a very similar weather to Paralimni, meaning it has a dry Mediterranean climate with soft winters and hot summers. During the summer, meaning June, July and August, the relative humidity is 74, 76 and 75 respectively. During June as well as July there are 13 hours of sun daily and during August they drop to 12. During the winter season, meaning December, January and February, relative humidity is 72, 73 and 71 respectively. In December there are 6 hours of sun per day and then they increase to 7 for January and 8 for February. During the spring season, meaning March, April and May, humidity is 70 for the first two months and 72 for May. Summer months have most of the sunny days with June and July having 13 hours of daily sunshine and August having 12. As for humidity during June it is 74 and it rises to 76 for July and drops to 75 for August. Lastly, during September, October and November, humidity is the lowest throughout the year with 69, 66 and 69 respectively. During September there are 10 hours of sun daily, in October 9 hours per day and 7 hours daily for November.

What makes Pissouri the perfect place to visit? Its location-being in the middle of two cities: Paphos and Limassol. This will allow you as a tourist to not only see Pissouri, but also to explore two other great historic cities within only a couple of days!