July is the second hottest month in Cyprus, competing periodically with August. It is a paradise for sun lovers, but not ideal for those who do not like extreme heat or crowded beaches. The temperature in July jumps in Nicosia to 37C-38C and sometimes passes 40C. On the west coast, it hits 30°C and 33°C-34°C on the south/east coasts. During night time, the temperature drops to about23°C(73°F).

The highest average recorded temperatures for July in recent years have been around 38°C (101°F) and lowest around 18°C (65°F). Average relative humidity is quite high reaching 70-75%. 14 hours per day of Sunshine in normal for July. Wind speeds around 15 kph, (10 mph - 8 knots) Maximum wind speed reaching 78 kph (48 mph - 42 knots) These are last decades readings appropriate values. July has an average of 4 foggy days. Sea average temperatures are around 26°C (79°F), again making it an ideal time for all sorts of watersport activities and games.