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A TOTAL of seven people have been admitted to hospitals islandwide over the last three days suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion, according to the health ministry.

According to Ioanna Grigoriou from the health services, five of the people are suffering from heat stroke and two from heat exhaustion.

Temperatures over the last few days have reached record highs of 44C inland and 33C on the mountains, with people being advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

Grigoriou clarified that they were mainly elderly - four men and three women - or people who were already suffering from chronic ailments.

Four of the cases were in Nicosia, two in Limassol and one in Famagusta. One of the cases was expected to be discharged yesterday and the rest in the next few days.

The three-month-old baby that was admitted to hospital for sunburn and mild dehydration was discharged on Tuesday.

Grigoriou said that children, pregnant women and the elderly had to be especially careful. “It’s best not to leave them alone because the majority of elderly people who were suffering from heat stroke were alone at home,” said Grigoriou, adding that a recognisable sign of heat stroke is a fever without infection.

The temperature today will be 41C inland, 38C on the east coast, 33C on the north coast, 36C on the south coast and 32C on the west coast and on the mountains. The Met Office said that the temperature is likely to drop slightly over the weekend.

Meanwhile, according to the Transmission System Operator’s website, electricity demand was particularly high yesterday and on Monday reaching 983MW by 2.15pm, while on Tuesday at the same time it reached 967MW.


source: Cyprus Mail