Paralimni Weather

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Paralimni Weather

Paralimni is a municipality located south east of Cyprus and it is a part of the Famagusta District. The Turkish invasion, as well as occupation of the Republic of Cyprus, occurred in 1974, and since then, Paralimni has been increasing in status and size. The reason behind this expansion was the migration of refugees from the occupied area. Cyprus’s economy is based on tourism and Paralimni is located near two other cities that welcome millions of tourists each summer: Protaras and Ayia Napa, and thus a considerable amount of people who live in Paralimni work in Protaras or Ayia Napa. Nowadays Paralimni has become an administrative centre of the District of Famagusta and a petite capital city of the Famagusta area that remains unoccupied.

Weather wise, Paralimni experiences a dry Mediterranean climate which means soft winters and hot summers. During the summer season, from June until September, the temperatures are high due to the persistent sun. During the peak months, there are 12 hours of sunlight daily and the average high temperature during July and August is 31°C. Frequently, however, it gets around the mid 30s. As for rain, in Paralimni there are few rainfalls throughout the year and this is due to the fact that the winds are blocked by the mountains.

During October and November, there is more rain than the summer months and the atmosphere in general is described as more amusing in the autumn. In October, the average temperature reaches the high 20s and in November it reaches the low 20s.

Winter, which lasts from December until February, is considered wet and soft with the average high temperature dropping to a low of 15°C during January and 7°C at night. Even though the entire season appears to be unpredictable, December is the rainiest month and occasionally the temperature can be freezing.

Spring is the best season to visit Paralimni because from March until May the sun begins to rise and the flowers come to life. In mid March the temperatures are expected to be in the low 20s and during May the average high is 25°C.