April marks the beginning of the summer season of Cyprus. What a beautiful spring month and what a nice period to visit, just before the busy holiday season starts to peak up. In April Cyprus really enters its summer period, bustling with life and activities throughout the summer season. However, visitors during this time of the year have a lot of space and freedom when touring around the island as it is not so crowded.

The weather in April is somehow cool and sometimes a bit chilly (for Cypriots) as average temperatures are around 16°C (62°F), but tourists do not seem to mind these temperatures as they remind them of the early months of Summer in their own parts of the world. Some even enjoy swimming in the Sea as most “blue flag” beaches at this time of the year offer privacy and seclusion, although the Sea temperature is somewhat cool being about 18°C. At night, temperatures drop to 11°C-13°C on the coast, 10°C inland and 6°C in the mountainous areas. Hail is rare but not impossible to see. During some April days the temperature could rise up to 22°C (68°F) and drop to lower than 13°C.

Businessmen and holiday makers alike visiting Cyprus in April will experience a rainfall here and there as the month receives an average of 20mm of perspiration. Usually, during April the Orthodox Easter, the greatest fist of Christianity, to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is taking place and Locals overcrowd the local Churches especially during the Pasha week which starts on a Monday and ends on Pasha Sunday. Restaurants during this period which starts some 50 days prior to Easter Sunday, offer a wide selection of vegetarian meals (fasting Meals) as a great number of Cypriots abstain from eating meat and dairy products. On Holy Thursday, we paint red eggs and bake Flaounes (a local cheese pie). On Good Friday, Christians go to Church for the night mass carrying candles and on Friday night we decorate with flowers the Holy Icon of Jesus and carry it through the town streets to mark Christ's death. The week picks on Saturday night with the mass of Anastasi (Resurrection).  Easter Sunday and Monday are considered as mainly family holidays for locals and all shops are usually closed. April is also full with Music concerts and festivals.

During April you would expect 9 hours of sunshine each day and this could be the norm for Cyprus during this month. Generally, April could be a great time to visit Cyprus for those who are not only interested to spend all their holidays just lying on the beach.