Weather in Cyprus in October

October is a favorite month to be in Cyprus for the visitor who prefers a much quieter and relaxing holiday, without sacrificing or loosing on the beautiful weather that this month has to offer. It is a perfect month to avoid the overcrowded beaches, as most of the holidaymakers especially with families with young children, have by now returned back to their own homes. October temperatures are now starting to drop, but not as much as someone would expect, although this month is in the middle of autumn it is in many occasions warmer than June (the end of May- beginning of June period, to be more exact).

The average monthly temperature (coastal areas and inland locations such as Nicosia the capital of Cyprus) still go as high as 27°C (81°F) during daytime and drop to about 15°C (62°F) at nighttime. There are more rainy days than the end of spring (about 4 to be more exact - or 20 mm of precipitation), but with storms and sometimes hail and the occasional light tornado. Not as many as in March begging of April of course. It fills a bit warmer as well during October. There are about 10 hours of continues sunshine per day and many tourists still continue to enjoy the sea and water sport activities (jet skiing, waterskiing, snorkeling and parasailing) as the average temperature in the sea is still about 25°C (77°F).

There are many events around the island as well. Lemesia (a "festival" for the promotion of sporting activities especially amongst Limassolians, but with the aim of attracting International sporting personalities as well), the Cyprus International film Festival, which is also held during the month, the “Kypria” international art festival and many others. In October, the daily relative humidity is 60% and with wind speeds of about 10 kph (6 mph - 5 knots) it is no wonder why this month is a favorite with many holidaymakers as well.